COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Covid-19 Operation, Cleaning & Disinfecting Practices

The goal of Town Square Entertainment, LLC is to protect both our
Customers and Team Members alike by providing a safe and clean
theatre experience. We believe through the application of commonsense
personal and community hygiene practices that we will overcome Covid-
19 and once again enjoy a high quality of life. The following practices will
be implemented once we reopen:

● Employee temperature checks before every shift.
● Prohibiting sick employees in the workplace.
● Strict handwashing and hand sanitizing practices.
● Strong procedures and practices to clean and sanitize surfaces.
● Employee mask/gloves requirement along with physical spacing.
● All customers will be required to wear a face mask when entering the
lobby. Once seated in the auditorium, masks may be removed to
enjoy concessions and the movie. However, masks must be put back
on prior to leaving your seat.
● Customers will be required to physically space six (6’) feet while
waiting in line for tickets or concession.
● Sneeze Guards will be installed at the concession stand.
● Theatre chairs will be sanitized before and after each movie showing.
● Theatre HVAC system include HEPA Filters.
● Theatre seats will be spaced 6’ feet between groups based upon a
seat reservation computer model. (ie. Empty seats between unrelated
groups will provide 6’ foot spacing).
● Deep cleaning will occur nightly.
● Signage will be posted at entrance that states “No one with a fever or
symptoms of COVID-19 is to be permitted in the theatre.”
● Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the concession and
hallways for easy access by customers and employees alike.
● Our lobby will be sectioned to allow for one-way entering and exiting.
● Social distancing signage and floor decals will be in place to help guide
● Auditoriums will open at 25% capacity.